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I hope you have enjoyed reading the first 10 chapters of "Hero's Return" as much as I enjoyed writing them. However, as is the rules of the world today, nothing in the world is free. To read the remaining chapters of the book (even the ones that aren't written yet), there is a charge.

For only $5.00, you will receive a login to the End of Destiny website and be able to experience the really good (and bad) things that happen to your favorite characters in the story.

As the book is not finished, you'll also be able to read each new chapter as soon as they are written.

Just click on the button below, then enter your payment information on our secure server, pay the 5 bucks, and create your login. Pretty simple, eh?

Waddya waiting for? Get your login and get back to readin'!


The End of Destiny, Book One - Hero`s Return